12 Iconic Songs Transformed into Vintage Posters

We can’t say for sure if “Vintage” is a trend or a recurring phenomenon that happens once a style has been gone for a long enough while. The word itself has its roots in Latin, of course, the original word being “vindemia”, which loosely translates into “to take grapes”. Furthermore, to give you a short linguistics lesson, it is an Anglo-Norman alteration of the French world “vendange”, which neatly brings us to the topic of today’s article.

10 Freebies That You Cannot Resist Stocking Up On

We love getting you freebies and not just something that’s off the rack but the kind that you would definitely find a lot of use for in your work. From different themes to UI kits to Vector elements, this list of freebies would surely make you do the happy dance!

How to Create Retro Vector Letters

Vector letters are expanded letters with effects added to them, such as: graphic styles, gradients, 3D effects and others. Letters and writing are very helpful elements in every designer’s work.

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