How to Create 3D Text Without The Use of Any 3D Tools

When you saw the title, you probably said “Impossible!” Not entirely true. We can create extrusions even if the command isn’t available, adjust the depth and direction of the extrusion path or use shading and all we need is a different point of view on things. Sounds pretty good so far, huh?

How Font Pairing Can Save Your Life… And Designs

Great fonts sometimes aren’t so great if they are paired with a typeface that just doesn’t complement the style of the one you began using in the first place. Some of us aren’t confident in eyeballing a font pair and “feeling” if it looks good. This article will discuss the basics of font pairing and…

The Complete Guide To Typography In 21 Stunning Illustrations

Typography has become the number one feature of your work that grabs the attention of your readers or customers if chosen correctly. Whether you are a designer or a publisher, knowing the terminology of Typography will definitely come in handy. It may look boring at first sight, but if you give it a chance, you…

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