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6 Tips on How to Manage Your Design Team Effectively

So now you’re a manager. It doesn’t matter what the job’s called. Be it team leader, project manager, team manager or any other title, it boils down to one thing: there’s a group of people who need managing, and you’re the person to manage them. As people go, designers tend to have a lot more individuality in them and be less willing to work in a team effectively. That’s why managing a design team is even more of a challenge than regular team management.

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5 Daily Creativity Killers and How to Get Rid of Them

Creative people tend to stand apart from the crowd. For one thing, they do not ‘process’ the same way almost everybody else does. They require their own kind of space to work. Where most people need structure, creative, tech and production guys and gals need fluidity. You never really know from where inspiration will come. Creativity… Continue reading

Ignorance Might Be the Best Thing for Your Creativity

“It’s much easier and much more useful not to know things sometimes”. You may find this phrase a little unusual, but it is, in fact, the truth. Although we cannot deny the significance of knowledge, the known can sometimes block our way to creativity. When you research and do comprehensive study before venturing into something,… Continue reading