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10 Hidden Typography Truths: Art vs. Functionality in Type

Typography can be defined as the art and science of arranging words on a page. This is, of course, true, but completely insufficient in order to understand the complex subtleties of the field, as is always the case with short definitions. Rather than deal with this short and insufficient definition, let’s take a look at what typography does. It sets words on a page. This is true of all writing. Therefore, all writing is typography. But typography does so much more than that. Good type can, like inflexions of the voice and body language, communicate so much more than the mere words it contains.

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30 Great Websites Where You Can Get Free Fonts

Choosing a font is no walk in the park. The typeface you choose can make or break your project. It’s very important to use a font that conveys the same message as your text, and that flows well with the rest of your design. Now that we’ve established the importance of a good font for your project, we can turn our attention to another, more pressing issue: where do we get our fonts?

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