18 Pokemon Go Inspired Illustrations

pokemon Go Illustration

For the past week, Pokemon Go has been the only thing everyone has been thinking about. Millions of people are joining into the augmented-reality, smash-hit game to collect as many of the animated creatures as they can. That’s why we thought today’s inspiration come in the form of Pokemon GO Inspired Illustrations. The original designs of…

The Feminine and Empowered Illustrations of Solène Debies

Solène Debies is a French illustrator based in Nantes, Paris. After completing graphic arts studies in Nantes, she became an illustrator and since the start of her career in the early 2000s she has developed her own unique style. Because her work as an illustrator goes hand in hand with her taste for traveling she…

The One-Man Art Department: Interview with Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen is a Portland, Oregon-based illustrator or, at least, he was. As he himself puts it, he is”one of the people who recently joined the growing exodus of artistic people out of that city (fleeing the Portland’s famously-overinflated housing costs and the state’s insatiable tax structure), moving just across the river to a ‘burb…

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