Artist of the Week: Realistic Finger Paintings by Zaria Forman

7 mins read Painting plays an important part in our development as a species, as it allowed us to develop abstract thinking, and also visually document parts of everyday, mundane existence, as well as more “important” events. It is, after all, in the minds of many people, virtually synonymous with art, and it could be argued that without it, art as a concept would not even exist. Today, we will be taking a look at some absolutely gorgeous realistic finger paintings by Zaria Forman.

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Vibrant Illustrations by Yann aka Blind SALIDA

5 mins read It is no secret that we are absolutely head over heels in love with illustrations. Whether they are watercolor, pencil, or digital, they have a special place in our heart, and we just can not get enough of looking at them. Today, we will be showing you the works of one of these artists, namely Yann, or how he is better known, Blind SALIDA.

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Foodscapes a.k.a Landscapes Made from Food by Carl Warner

6 mins read Whether you agree or not with what mister Andy Rooney said, you have to admit that carefully arranged food looks really cool. A nice presentation builds appetite, and you feel as if the cook put it that little extra effort to make your meal a truly pleasant experience, and that you are getting your money’s worth. But intricately designed food is not limited to the plate. Carl Warner found a totally new way to approach the art of food presentation.

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Design Inspiration: 15 Breathtaking Landscape Photographs

5 mins read Ah, the landscape! For many of us, it’s the first thing we draw as children and it still holds its grip upon us when we grow up. Is it any surprise that many of the worlds’ greatest works of visual art are landscapes? Be they painted, drawn or photographed, landscapes hold a huge place in our cultural tableau. The landscape holds a certain mystique that is impossible to ignore. It’s like a calling. The same calling that once used to excite cartographers and explorers.

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