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Deal of the Week: The Infographic Super Bundle – 105 Awesome RF Templates for Just $27

Infographics are one of the easiest and best ways to share various data, to create eye-catching content, statistics or pretty much any kind of information. And in the same time they make it look fun, thus increasing your chances to create content that becomes viral. There’s only one downside regarding them: it takes a lot of time and patience to create one from scratch.
That’s why, together with the guys from, Inky Deals came up with a huge bundle containing lots of awesome infographic templates that will help you save precious hours and some big bucks along the way!

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Must-Reads: 15 Free Ebooks for Designers

Ebooks have allowed us to read in unprecedented amounts, and have helped us make a giant leap towards making books available to everyone, not to mention allowing us to publish books without cutting down trees. To celebrate ebooks, we have decided to make yet another must read ebook article for graphic designers, hopefully helping you become a better designer along the way, and giving you some design inspiration.

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