Stunning Surreal Photography by Oleg Oprisco

7 mins read Photography is one of the most fantastic inventions mankind has ever came up with. It is both an art and a science, helping us enrich both our minds and our hearts by capturing small moments for all eternity. Today we will show you Oleg Oprisco’s work, one of the most talented photographers that Ukraine has to offer. The artist discovered his love for photography at age 16, when he started taking photos of friends and acquaintances. Within two years, he moved to Kiev to begin work in advertisement.

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Finding Love And Light in 1950s Hong Kong

5 mins read Ho Fan is an incredible actor, film director and photographer with over 280 awards from exhibitions, competitions – all international; since 1956. He was born on the 8th of October, 1937 in Shanghai, but Ho and his family moved to Hong Kong soon after this birth. After getting his hands on a Rolleiflex, a German camera that used medium format twin lens reflex, he fell in love with the ability of captivating the essence in a photo.

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Artist-of-the-Week-When-fairy-tales-become-reality by-Margarita-Kareva-1

Artist of the Week: When Fairy Tales Become Reality by Margarita Kareva

5 mins read Margarita Kareva is an incredibly talented photographer from Russia, Yekaterinburg. She specializes in taking surreal photos that makes you think fairy tales are real, that fables walk among us. Her inspiration is all that is fantasy. From books, movies, comics, short stories, anything that is related to the genre, she takes it, and creates beautiful art. She is the living example of how you can grow as a creative professional doing the thing you love.

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The Softer Side of Pit Bulls

5 mins read Sophie Gamand is the one behind these beautiful pictures depicting how soft and cute Pit Bulls are. They have been portrayed in movies as vicious creatures that only seek blood and violence, because of this they are the champions in dog fights. This can’t be more wrong. They are dogs like any others. Sophie Gamand is a French photographer that is currently working in New York City – her main work focus is the relationship between dogs and humans; and she has the goal of bringing justice to these wonderful little friends of ours.

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