5 Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself Motivated

6 mins read British award-winning writer Neil Gaiman once famously commented that, if you’re a freelancer and you’re successful at what you’re doing, the whole universe conspires to stop you from doing that thing, exactly because you’re successful, and that he once realized he had become someone who professionally answered emails and who wrote as a hobby. So the next day he answered fewer emails and wrote more.

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30 Inspirational Wallpapers to Ensure Your Creativity in 2014

7 mins read Creativity, as you well know, is not just a passive trait. Creativity requires effort, practice and dedication. In many ways, creativity is the actual job, with design, writing, painting or any other artistic outlet just being a task you have to perform during the job. But lets not nit-pick. Unlike other jobs, at the end of the day you can look at your work and say you created something.

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11 Tips to Keep Motivated Throughout the Working Day

5 mins read Many freelancers experience the pull of a sunny day, socializing over a coffee or watching a movie. It is one of the drawbacks in working for yourself, that sometimes you need to keep working to meet your deadlines but you just don’t feel like working. Even when you totally love your freelancing job, there will be times when occasionally your motivation seems to disappear.

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