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10 Free Editing Tools to Make Your Life as a Blogger Easier

We all know how dreadful it can be staring at a blank page and thinking how you can fill it up. We know that content is important, but everyone has content, so we must differentiate ourselves from the rest with greatness. Don’t fret, you’re not alone struggling with writing for your blog, we’re all in this together – from bloggers writing about clever Photoshop tricks to those who want to share their cooking recipes.

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5 Tips and Tricks to Get Yourself Motivated

British award-winning writer Neil Gaiman once famously commented that, if you’re a freelancer and you’re successful at what you’re doing, the whole universe conspires to stop you from doing that thing, exactly because you’re successful, and that he once realized he had become someone who professionally answered emails and who wrote as a hobby. So the next day he answered fewer emails and wrote more.

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19 Funny IMDb 404 Error Pages Based on Movie Quotes

IMDb is probably the best thing that ever happened to movie buffs. Now more than ever, you can get all the information you could possibly want about a movie, director, actor, producer, sound engineer etc. Big websites are always a hassle to maintain, and sometimes errors just happen. We are talking, of course, about the dreaded 404. But good design can make the experience of finding a broken or dead link enjoyable, and the people responsible for IMDb got the hang of this really well.

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