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Free Vector of the Day #756: Music Vector

< 1 Today’s freebie vector is a music vector. Feel free to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work, as long as it’s a part of a larger design. Please do not sell it, redistribute it yourself, claim it as your own or give it as a bonus item to boost sales for your own products.

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International Piano Phenomenon

‘Play Me I’m Yours’: International Piano Phenomenon

6 mins read “Such a simple concept that brings out the best in people. It reminds us of the strange and beautiful things that can happen in everyday life. I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life playing beneath the Sacre Coeur, Paris, on an old upright piano for a few hundred people.” It’s time to show you some people having fun with the Street Pianos.

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Design Inspiration: 7 Jaw-Dropping Elvis Artworks

2 mins read In case you’re already not aware of this, starting on the 10th of August, we (well, mostly the USA) celebrate Elvis Week 2013.
It has become quite a tradition that each year we dedicate a week to celebrating the king of rock’ n ‘roll, the great Elvis Presley. And why shouldn’t we? In fact, I personally believe that one week is not enough and that there should be a whole month about him.

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12 Music-Themed Design Resources

3 mins read Music is an important part in most people’s lives regardless of our gender, race, cultural background and so on. Either you enjoy listening to music on the train, bus, at home, in the club or when walking down the streets, singing in the shower or wherever else possible, we all love music in our own ways.
And since music is clearly so present in our lives, it’s no wonder that many graphic design projects you will have along the way will be music-related.

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