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Why We Act Differently Online, Backed by Psychology

Just think about the friends in your list, and the differences between their online personas and their offline ones. I decided to take a quick look at why this is and found a couple of really cool articles about this, that cite a few scientifically backed reasons why we act differently online. I will talk about some of the causes I found most intriguing, and you can check out the full articles in the links that I will be providing.

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[Infographic] – Internet in a Day

In Romania, we’re celebrating a unique holiday called Mărţişor today. It celebrates the first day of spring and it’s customary for boys to offer girls flowers and broaches especially created for this occasion – each containing a small red and white bow. Why did I explain all of that to you? Because today in particular, everybody is posting on social media and blogs about this. And I thought it would be interesting to see what usually goes on in a day on the Internet.

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[Infographic] – Power to the Online People

“There are more devices connected to the internet than people on Earth.” Reading yet another infographic (hey don’t judge, I bet you can’t get enough of them either), this phrase is what caught my eye and determined me to share it with you guys. Take a look and be amazed at the role that Facebook played in a protest against the Egyptian president, the one played by Twitter in a military raid in Pakistan and in spreading the word about an incoming earthquake in New York, how online gamers solved a protein puzzle regarding AIDS and more!

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