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Why We Act Differently Online, Backed by Psychology

Just think about the friends in your list, and the differences between their online personas and their offline ones. I decided to take a quick look at why this is and found a couple of really cool articles about this, that cite a few scientifically backed reasons why we act differently online. I will talk about some of the causes I found most intriguing, and you can check out the full articles in the links that I will be providing.

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10 Beautiful People Illustrations and Design Resources

Hey, guys! It’s time for our weekly inspiration share and, since last week we talked about American Flag Designs and that’s pretty much the biggest holiday we’ll be having this month, I decided to talk to you today about…us.
I mean, not us-us. But about us as people. People graphic designs are very often met, all kinds of designers love making them because they look so cool in the end and they can be used in lots of purposes, especially in merchandise.

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Graphic Design Inspired by People

Illustrations are inspired by so many different things surrounding us. Artists get their ideas from natural or urban scenery, objects, hobbies, personal experiences and of course, other people. They’re a never ending flow of  inspiration and have been immortalized because of what they look like, say, think or the things they’ve done. So today we’re… Continue reading