[Infographic] – Power to the Online People

There are more devices connected to the internet than people on Earth.

Reading yet another infographic (hey don’t judge, I bet you can’t get enough of them either), this phrase is what caught my eye and determined me to share it with you guys. It’s about how empowering the online medium can be. And my first thought was that it’s not directly related to graphic design, but surely we can generalize and attribute this explanation to why this community is so large, fast-growing and strongly connected.

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Take a look and be amazed at how much content is shared on social media sites, what role Facebook played in a protest against the Egyptian president, the one played by Twitter in a military raid in Pakistan and in spreading the word about an incoming earthquake in New York, how millions of signatures were collected to stop SOPA, how online gamers solved a protein puzzle regarding AIDS and more!

Created by: Open-site.org

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