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Why We Act Differently Online, Backed by Psychology

Just think about the friends in your list, and the differences between their online personas and their offline ones. I decided to take a quick look at why this is and found a couple of really cool articles about this, that cite a few scientifically backed reasons why we act differently online. I will talk about some of the causes I found most intriguing, and you can check out the full articles in the links that I will be providing.

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Is Your Online Brand Ready to Launch? Considerations before You Do

New businesses and brands pop-up across the web constantly. Some will thrive, and others will crash and burn. As a result, people have sought to define just what it was that separated the paths to success and failure for brands building their online presence, thinking that there will be some magic recipe they can follow to carry their brand to the virtual promise land.

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Anticipated Reciprocity Online – To The Limit of Ethics

When you have a blog or a website, where you post your latest work as a graphic designer, web designer, writer or other, you want to get some feedback on your posts. So, most of the people try to find ways to get their blog out there, to bring it some awareness. Blog and site owners mostly use social media, they create a page for their blog, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account and so on and try to join as many groups as possible and to interact online. The reason is simple: participation increases the website’s visibility, image and reputation.

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