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Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – December 2011

Let’s take a few moments to check out some of the best Photoshop tutorials published in December 2011. It’s actually amazing to see that even in the last month of the year artists still found the time to create tutorials!

Try out the PS tutorials below to learn or to remember how to retouch, use masking and coloring techniques, how to create cool candy cane and glossy 3d typography, how to create surreal photo manipulations, how to create a heart shaped gift box in 3d and so much more!

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Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – November 2011

This past month I came across a huge number of creative and interesting Photoshop tutorials. Many of theme have a very familiar theme, the holidays to come. Designers have outcome themselves trying to make the most beautiful Christmas composition, the most creative and stunning new year wallpaper and so on. Besides seasonal tutorials, I also found some other awesome tuts worth checking out. Enjoy!

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Quick Tip: How to create clean, professional gloss rays in Photoshop

I am sure you have seen plenty of times these gradient-looking glosses on websites, banners and all sorts of buttons. They are there, they make objects shiny and don’t stand out too much.
Then you and lied to yourself “Ha! I can do this myself in a snap, it’s easy as pie”. Then, you used a large, soft brush, you painted a large white spot, erased half of it and rotated it 45 degrees.

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