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20+ Job Interview Tips for Graphic Designers

So you’re fresh off the benches of school or you are a self taught graphic designer and you are looking for a job. What’s the first thing you do?
First of all, you need sit down with a pen and paper and answer a few simple (or not) questions like: what are your motivations? which are your strengths? which are your weaknesses? which is your personal style? where would you like to work? It’s very important to be honest with yourself, to be aware of your skills and to know which ones you need to improve.

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Quick Tip: How to create clean, professional gloss rays in Photoshop

I am sure you have seen plenty of times these gradient-looking glosses on websites, banners and all sorts of buttons. They are there, they make objects shiny and don’t stand out too much.
Then you and lied to yourself “Ha! I can do this myself in a snap, it’s easy as pie”. Then, you used a large, soft brush, you painted a large white spot, erased half of it and rotated it 45 degrees.

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