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5 Minute Guide: Why White Space Is Your Friend in Web Design

When building web pages, designers usually focus on the things that you can see in the design, what they perceive as active elements: fonts, colors, images, text, menus and so on. Unfortunately, white space is not usually perceived as one of these elements. And that’s really a shame, because white space is one of the most useful weapons you have in your web design arsenal.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity Backed by Psychology

Everyone wants to be more creative. No matter what for, whether it’s your job that requires it or you just think being creative makes you a better person, creativity is an issue that’s been discussed quite a lot in the past century. The content around us has expanded and diversified so much that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes the only thought that comes to mind is “What could I possibly do, say or make something in any way relevant without it being a copy of things someone has already done?”

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3 Ways in Which Colors Affect Your Creativity Backed by Science

The fact that the colors you see alter your moods and have a visible effect on your emotions and view of the world is, by now, commonplace. Everybody knows that. Most likely, so do you. You probably also know how important creativity is in every aspect of your life, from the workplace to your family life and everything in between. Let’s take a look at how colors can affect your own moods and thought patterns.

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