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10 Breathtaking Street Art that Interacts with Its Surroundings

Street art is usually frowned upon by the elderly, the conservatives; street art is meant to disrupt its environment, bring something new and eye-catching. The best artwork, because yes, it is artwork, withstand the test of time, and it is truly a pleasure to see that it reoccurs from generation to generation. It is quite interesting to see how it evolves through time. And more interesting is to see how an artists imagination works. We decided to hand pick some of the greatest street art there is.

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20 Mind Blowing Pieces of Street Art from Around the World

Street art is quite possibly the most important artistic development in the last 100 years. It has effectively made art something anyone can experience and, indeed, go out of their way not to experience it, bringing it out on the streets. Street art has its roots in graffiti, which was closely connected to hip-hop culture, starting in the 1960’s and becoming truly popular at the same time as hip-hop, in the 1980’s.

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The City as a Canvas: Three-Dimensional Street Art

I’ve prepared for you today a juicy post, different from the ones that you’ve grown accustomed to: three-dimensional street art. We’re going to take a look at some jaw-dropping, breathtaking, mind-blowing chalk drawings. I know you’re probably a bit skeptical right now, but I will let these amazing illustrations speak for themselves. But before we… Continue reading