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10 Ebooks for Software Developers and Programmers

Persistence, passion and the will to learn will always trump natural talent. But you need to start somewhere, learning won’t just hit you from the sky and you will magically be great at something. You require hard work and many many hours spent in front of a book, your kindle or whatever you use to indulge in knowledge. We have rounded up 10 new ebooks for software developers and programmers, that will surely guide you on your path.

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Must-Reads: 15 Free Ebooks for Designers

Ebooks have allowed us to read in unprecedented amounts, and have helped us make a giant leap towards making books available to everyone, not to mention allowing us to publish books without cutting down trees. To celebrate ebooks, we have decided to make yet another must read ebook article for graphic designers, hopefully helping you become a better designer along the way, and giving you some design inspiration.

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My Reading List – Typography & Composition Books

Many of you might say: “Why do I need to read a book about typography when I can find everything I need to know on the Internet?”. Well, from my experience, I can assure you that you won’t get all the valuable info you need online. There is also the question of disseminating the correct and useful information from the inaccurate or incomplete one. And frankly, you can find tons on information on typography online, but at one point you might get overwhelmed and you won’t know how to structure it properly so that you can use it later effectively.

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