Oups! Page Not Found – Showcase of Creative 404 Pages Part 1

As you may already know, a 404 error page is displayed when a certain page of a website has been moved, deleted or it simply doesn’t exist. Web servers can be configured to return a customized error page, which a good idea if you don’t want that your visitor to simply go away from your website.

404 Pages can be styled just as any another page from your website. It’s extremely useful to have an elegant, creative or funny error page – you want to keep users on your website. Here are a few tips on creating an appealing and efficient 404 error page: use creative and appealing graphic elements, give your visitor alternatives for navigation, communicate with your users in a friendly and sincere way, offer a couple of possible related posts and last but not least, be creative!

Mozilla 404 Page

Etsy 404 Page

iStockphoto 404 Page

DeviantART 404 Page

Reddit 404 Page

Google 404 Page

Squidoo 404 Page

MundoFox 404 Page

Designfloat 404 Page

Livejournal 404 Page

CSSREMIX 404 page

Constantcontact 404 Page

Pattern Tap 404 Page

IGN 404 Page

Scribd 404 Page

Kickass Torrents 404 Page

Bit.ly 404 Page

Hootsuite 404 Page

TweetMeme 404 Page

Craigslist 404 Page

Formspring 404 Page

BBC 404 Page

Techcrunch 404 Page

AWeber 404 Page

Torrentz 404 Page

Chinaz 404 Page

Which 404 error page is your favorite from the ones above?

Good choice for the showcase =) More 404 pages right here : http://www.404notfound.fr Have fun!
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