Concept Weapon Designs for Halo & Avatar by Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck is a master when it comes to digital arts. He is a member of the Weta Workshop, a multi-award winning conceptual design and physical manufacturing facility based in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. Since 2006, he has drawn and designed alien-like creatures, realistic insect pictures, costumes for movies, paint jobs and customized muscle cars, human-like war robots and high-tech guns and weapons.

Most of these weapons were designed for games like Halo and James Cameron’s Avatar. His designs are edgy, bulky, straightforward and riddled with exceptional detail. These guns not only look great, but they also come complete with specs like how each gun works, how many rounds it can fire, how the ammunition works, even what materials can be used to make such weapons.

Here are some examples of his work:

These two guns are Aaron’s versions of Rail Guns. He calls them Linear Motor Rifles.  The one on the top is similar to a sniping weapon.

One of his high-powered laser guns with an oversized sight barrel:

And this one is its larger version with more range; hence, the larger sight barrel.

IBSF Assault Rifle. These are the weapons designed for James Cameron’s Avatar (2009). It also has special rounds with small fins that can be activated by “nano-engineered electro-active polymer strands.” Beck truly has an eye for detail.

This one is a combination of a pistol, a knife and a striking weapon. Once the bullets run out, you can retract the blade. And if all else fails, the user can still use the hardened surface at the base to strike an enemy.

This is another one of Aaron’s designs for Avatar. It comes in two versions – one for military use and one for civilian use.

More Avatar projects for rifles. Aaron says that designing these weapons for Avatar was one of his unforgettable projects while working with Weta.

Dual Stage Anti-Material Rifle. A high-powered dual stage sniping weapon for the Avatar movie.

These are high-tech grenades that have timers for more accurate detonation.

Last, but certainly not the least, this creation is one of the first weapons Aaron designed for Avatar. These are the large cannons that the AMP suits carry. The designs were based on 20mm anti-aircraft rifles with modified handles, so that the giant AMP suits could carry them.

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