Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – November 2012

It’s time for that awesome collection of the most useful design tutorials¬†and¬†Photoshop Tutorials that were released this past month. And since we’re entering the month of December, I’ve also added one on how to create a holiday card. That’s it for now – more holiday design goodies are yet to come from our sister websites Inky Deals, Designious and Vectorious!

What are you going to learn today?

How to age a young woman, how to create a knitted argyle text effect, an autumn-themed 3D text effect, how to shade and apply texture to line art, how to draw a cartoon monster character, how to draw a rally car, how to create an awesome splashing sneaker and much more.

How to Create Happy New Year 2013 Holiday Card in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Making of Panda Ride

Create a Knitted Argyle Text Effect Using Filter Forge and Photoshop

How to Paint a Furry Cartoon Character in Photoshop

Draw a Rally Car Using Simple Brush Techniques in Photoshop

How to Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

How to Shade and Apply Texture to Line Art in Photoshop

Create an Autumn-Themed 3D Text Effect with Photoshop CS6 Extended

Aging a Young Woman: Photoshop Tutorial

Draw a Cartoon Monster Character in Photoshop

If you’ve enjoyed these tutorials or have found other that should be in this roundup, please let us know in the comments section below.

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wow very nice a rally car


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