5 Ways Writing Is Related With Design

Whether you are designing a new layout for your Windows application or you write an original article, you have to invest time and effort to make your work valuable and recognized. Whenever engineers design a product, they have to develop a story behind it, so it could get to the right people. It is the same with writers – they write a story/article or whatever type of written content, which has to be compelling and interesting so the readers could read the content. So, how design and writing are similar and what things do they have in common? We will write about 5 ways that writing and design are connected!

Uniqueness is the key

When we work on something, we always want it to be unique and functional. As the content manager at CraftResumes.com, Jenn B. told us: “If you do not want to work on your own, you can always look for graphic design services like Vexels or invest in a professionally written resume so you could get a unique design/resume.” One thing you will notice is the unique element that makes the product/content one of a kind.

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The uniqueness is the primary objective of anything that we write, as no one likes and wants to read the plagiarized content. On the other hand, when the designers work on the new look of the application, they try to implement something new that is unique and never seen before. The key is to have original design and colors, yet functional and straightforward to eliminate the confusion. So, when we take into consideration these things, we can conclude that the unique design and unique content drag more attention, as it is something that you could not see anywhere else earlier. Therefore, the uniqueness is something that has to be in the first place, whether you are designing a website or writing about the product.

Clarity and simplicity

The complicated SOP or user manual creates confusion and users may not be able to perform the procedure correctly. It is the same with complicated web pages as users tend to look for a less complicated guide that is clarified and simple. You can always look up to experienced designers or appealing articles to get an idea, so you might want to check out cool ideas for the T-Shirt design, for example. No one wants to read long sentences that actually do not explain anything useful. So, for this reason, clarity and simplicity are mutual characteristics for design and writing.

Whenever we create something, the goal is to be functional and simple so the use of the product could be straightforward. If you write the manual for the washing machine, you want to make it simple to read and not ambiguous, so the user can read the manual and understand how to use it properly. It is the same with design. In case you work on a homepage for the new company, you want to make the design appealing and simple, as too many details can spoil the whole look and make things more complicated. Too many buttons or too many colors can create confusion and that may lead the user to quit the page and search for something similar that is less complicated.

Research must be performed

The research is the first step of design and writing, as you need to know what you want to achieve and what you want to offer to the users. Whenever you say: “I want someone to write my resume”, the writer that writes it must do extensive research before writing in order to deliver accurate and precise information. It is the same as the design. The designers will look for similar apps/websites to know what they need to pay attention to. The goal is to be up-to-date with the users’ requests so they could get exactly what they need.

Before we write about the latest Python releases, we need to perform thorough research so we could understand what the latest releases give users and what the advantages they can get when compared to the previous releases. Also, when working on the new layout for a web application, the designers will look over hundreds of similar web applications to see which one has the best design. The goal is to identify key elements that attract users. Once they do this, they know how to design an effective layout that looks appealing, functional and “converting”. The ultimate goal is to do the research so you could know what you need to do and what you should not do.

An appropriate format

In order to deliver high-quality design or content, you need to know what format you need to deliver. It is not the same format for news posts, SEO articles, a photo illustration and presentation of the latest SDK, so you need to know what you are working on. Creating the layout for kid’s book is largely different than designing the SOP for the Linux installation. The borders, margins, fonts, footers and many other things are different for each type of document. Therefore, you need to know the requirements, rules and directions so you could produce the appropriate document/design in the appropriate format.

There are some industry standards both for design and writing and you should be familiar with them. Failing to meet the requirements renders you as incompetent designer/writer and that decreases your reputation. So, for this reason, knowing the appropriate format for the requirement is a must if you want to deliver exactly what you are asked to.

Connection through emotion

While the previous examples explain the essential things that you need to know, there is also one more thing that you need to have in mind before you illustrate or write something. When the designers work on the layout, they need to pick the appropriate color to make the whole thing look professional. Different colors bring different emotions and no wonder that all subscribe buttons are either red or green. It is the same with writing, except there are no colors but rather specific words or phrases that connect the reader with the text. You want to activate the connection through emotion by using some phrases that lead the user into believing that he is in the right place.

If they are looking for the best pet hair vacuum cleaner, the writer will start an article by defining the problem that all pet owners deal with: collecting hair. This creates a connection and gives the readers the belief that you are aware of their suffering. If a designer designs the web-page for solar homes, he is going to use a lot of green colors to activate the emotion and convey the message. Once the emotion is awakened, the connection is formed and you have a lead that would soon turn into subscriber and client.

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