How to Start a Freelance Web Design Business

Starting a Web Design Business in the Twenty-First Century

Nowadays, we are witnessing a rapid development of online professions, and web designers are far from being left out. Just imagine: in recent years, an approximate of 380 new websites are created every minute and every one of these websites needs a web designer. Not forgetting recent statistics that prove that a whopping 48% of consumers base the legitimacy and credibility of business on the quality of its web resource’s design. Needless to say, web designers are somewhat of a hot-shot in this day and age.

So, are you looking to take your skills to the next level with a brand new freelance web design business? More power to your elbow! However, one must remember that it’s one thing to excel at web design and it’s a completely different challenge to run a web design business. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with misinformation so it’s easy to get misled into losing a huge chunk of your savings.

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So how do you go about setting up your web design business so you get it right with the first try? How much do you need as a startup capital? Are these questions plaguing your thoughts? Well, be rest assured because your questions will be answered shortly. Before that, let’s establish some basic advantages and disadvantages that come with running a web design business so you know what to expect.

Pros of The  Web Design Business

There are so many benefits of starting a web design company that it is hard to name them all: the sheer volume of websites being made per day, according to Google, says it all. Just to name a few of the benefits:

  1. You can make a decent living;
  2. You can operate your business online;
  3. You get the pleasure of being creative at your job;
  4. The startup cost is relatively low.

Earning a Living

Clearly, the principal reason for starting a business in the first place is to make a profit; a web design business is an excellent means to do just that. Web design is an essential component in the website building process, hence, your expertise will always be in high demand.

Remote Work

Another major benefit is the advantage of working from the comfort of your home. You can employ people from all around the world and all they’ll need is a functioning computer, an internet connection, and the technical know in web design. Not only does it save money, but it also gives you unrestricted access to some of the most outstanding web designers out there.

Exploring Your Creative Side

Every project will require you to find creative means to cooperate with responsive web designs to meet the demands of your clients. And with each project you complete, you get to stretch and explore the limits of your creativity. So, if you like to challenge yourself then a web design business should right up your alley.

Relatively Cheap Startup cost

Unlike the traditional business setup where you’ll need to rent an apartment complex right from the go or  invest in other commodities related to the business, the most you’ll have to spend on a web design business to get you started is on your brand building and website creation.

Cons of The Web Design Business

As does every business launching, starting a web design business comes with risks that you should be aware of. After all, risks are what make the rewards worthwhile. That being said, these risks can be managed if given proper attention. Examples include:

  1. You must be experienced in the ins and outs of the industry;
  2. In the beginning, it is just you and your computer all day;
  3. Highly competitive field.

Experience in The Web Design Industry is a Must

Due to the ever-evolving nature of the business, it’s essential that you stay abreast of any changes that might occur in the industry. And this can be very challenging as you’ll be required to relearn information on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. It’s either you keep up with the changes or you risk creating subpar designs for your clients which will inevitably hurt your brand.

It’s Just You and Your Computer

Although remote work has its advantages, it can also pose a threat because people are social beings and need other people to communicate with. If you go to extremes of solitude, the option of staying with just your computer away from people for an extended period of time can even be detrimental to your mental health. A simple solution is to have a balanced life. Go out with friends, at least once in a blue moon.

The competition is Real

Due to the lucrative nature of the business, many people have gravitated towards it, making the field of web design an extremely competitive field in terms of jobs and projects hunting. In other words, being average will not cut it, posing a real threat to the success of your business

Where Do I Start From?

Having gotten acclimatized to the certain realities of the web design business, how do you shape your ideas into a reality without making novice errors such as many of your predecessors in the niche? To begin with:

  1. Have a purpose;
  2. Add up the startup expenditure;
  3. Build up your brand;
  4. Create a portfolio website.

Have a Purpose

It might sound like a cliche but it’s essential to have a reason, compelling enough to start your business. Because you are likely to give up when more challenges surface. And the more compelling and personal the reason is, the more motivated you’ll be. So what’s your motivation? Are you looking for a quick way to make money or you have a long term dream to create one of the best brands of web design companies? And if your aspirations are anything close to the latter then you are on the right track.

Add up The Startup Expenditure

It’s not a secret that any startup requires capital. However, what most people don’t realize is that it pays to strategize your expenditure. Make a calculated plan detailing how much will be allocated to  every part of the startup process. Not only will it prevent you from making excess expenditures, but it’ll also give you a sense of direction.

Create a Portfolio Website

Due to the visual nature of the web design field, it’s essential that you showcase what you can do on a portfolio website. Not only will it skyrocket your credibility, it will also give potential clients the opportunity to see what to expect from you. “Needless to say, it’s best you showcase only the projects you are most proud of. To make your website more easily accessible, use a myriad of SEO building techniques as well as a quality yet cheap backlink building service to improve your rank in SEO search results,”- says Ben Grant, a marketing manager and a writer for LinksManagement, an article distribution service.

Build your brand

In today’s digitized business world, building a strong brand is everything to a company. Anything from knowing your target audience, establishing a mission statement, creating a voice for your brand,  researching competitive brands in your niche to content marketing – all the mentioned components play vital roles in making your brand a household name. It should also be pointed out that building and establishing a brand takes considerable time but with consistency, you’ll definitely realize and materialize your dream brand.

Within the shortest possible time, the web design industry has become one of the most competitive fields out there. As a result, many novice designers hoping to start a business have become prone to many pitfalls without anyone to offer a helping hand. However, if you take these tips into consideration, you’ll succeed where others have failed.

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