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12 Online Resources to Learn Web Design

Web design is one of the most demanded career opportunities for online business. Every marketing project needs a great specialist who manages its visual design. Fortunately, there is no need to apply to classic colleges or universities. Becoming a great web designer is easy with online education.

Getting the most prestigious profession is often a challenging process. Everyone who learns design needs to process a lot of material. Usually, students want to reach sources about visual arts to get more inspiration, especially for writing an essay on design. If you are searching for the best online sources to learn web design, we collected 12 great opportunities you shouldn’t pass by.

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1. Web Design in Photoshop at Udemy

Start with the great Udemy-based course on web design with experienced tutor Cristian Doru Barin. He is a web designer who designs apps and websites in Adobe Photoshop. Actually, this software is crucial to master for every beginner. Nearly 22 thousand students have enrolled for this course, and more than 212 thousand students have passed his courses in general.

Master your Photoshop skills and create a reliable portfolio! Pay only $12.99 and get full lifetime access to 18 hours of video, three articles, and 120 resources to download.

2. Pluralsight Training Courses

Pluralsight is an educational platform where web design students can find any subject they are interested in. Enroll for ten free days and get access to the full library of 7,500 courses. Keep using your possibilities to learn with a paid subscription for $29 a month.

Get tasks on real project scenarios and solve them basing on the knowledge you get from the course. Improve your skills in Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Muse, and the indispensable Adobe Photoshop.

3. CIID Workshops on Design

Get professional virtual collaboration with CIID digital experts. Enroll at a comfortable date and visit the most powerful workshops on design. Learn prototypes and sketching for different purposes. At CIID, you will get powerful knowledge that you can use in industrial, interaction, service, behavior, biology, management, climate, and economy design.

The 5-day program learning from the 5th of July until the 14th of August 2020 includes all essential workshops to implement your new skills in the professional field. Hurry to enroll now!

4. Design Courses at Domestika

At Domestika, everyone can find courses for their own requirements and professional level. Domestika is a space for top experts not only in the field of design but also in other subjects. Join the creative community to learn to design brands for restaurants, corporate identity, and even color psychology.

Experience a wide range of possibilities with this tremendous service. Remember that after becoming a pro member, you can prove your professionalism by getting a certificate from Domestika.

5. Web Design Courses at Coursera

Coursera is a great educational platform where beginner, intermediate, and advanced specialists can choose lessons according to their specialization. Level up your skills in UI / UX design, understand all strategies, and learn about website user needs. Extend your free trial up to one month and get access to five must-have tools that optimize the results of UI/UX design.

Also, online students are interested in courses on the basics of web development and coding, and how to create a website for a short time.

6. edX: Web Design Courses

Build new skills in design with edX! This is the community that shares info on web-design and other technologies to everyone who’s curious. Study web programming with Python and Javascript, CSS basics, and front-end development to gain perfect results in this field.

Knowing how to create a visual part of the website and also how to implement it through coding will make you a unique specialist that every great company will appreciate.

7. Alison Web Design Course

If you want to get a diploma in web design, apply for an online course on the Alison platform. Almost half a million students have passed this course and gained the opportunity to expand their career paths with better conditions.

This course has a 10-hour duration and provides students with knowledge of essential website building tools. Get a fast guide on how to use Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, and HTML. Every enrollee gets access to eight modules, and each of them has from three to ten subsections. To pass all modules, you have to study the material diligently and get good assessments to get a certificate proving your skills.

8. Online Studies Web Design Courses

Join online courses in the best colleges worldwide! The Online Studies platform proposes enrollees to find the best classes among many courses from different educational institutes of distance learning.

Pay attention to the CIW Web Foundations Associate (QCF) course in UK Open College, the Extreme Website Makeover course in E-Careers, and How to Make a Website in Treehouse.

9. Shaw Academy

Get benefits from the web design course at Shaw Academy. This platform allows everyone to get free access to the four-week course and receive a diploma in web design. Benefits are a flexible schedule, the ability to pause your studies, education support, a high-ranked certificate recognized everywhere, and downloadable classes for offline learning.

Prolong your course only for €49.99 a month and get access to a ten-week course, 28 video-tutorials, and four modules.

10. Lynda (by LinkedIn)

Lynda is a learning platform that helps students to increase their knowledge of what employers need. Prepare yourself for working in a great company and pass one of the courses on web design on Lynda. After all, your studying experience will be automatically connected to your LinkedIn profile. This will have a colossal impact on your future career path.

11. Oxford Learning College

Choosing distance learning courses on web design with specialists from one of the most prestigious educational institutes is a standing idea! Get an accredited degree at the level you need. Connect with the support team to find out more about the course you choose and enroll online.

12. Code Academy

Code academy is a professional skill-development tool, where you can study exactly what the real-world needs. Learn color, responsive and navigation design, Sass, Bootstrap, how to make a website with NameCheap, and HTML/CSS basics. This will help your collaboration with technological developers and make your web design mock-up fabulous.

In the end, we want to say that self-development and an endless thirst for knowledge will bring you real success in the profession you really love.

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