Top 20 Free Graffiti Fonts

“For me, graffiti and the complexities with which it is either absorbed or expelled from what is going on, is a really good comparison to the way I see my work being similarly expelled or absorbed into different types of discourse.”

– Richard Phillips

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Graffiti is one of those art forms that is a lot older than it seems. Originally, the term referred to inscriptions and figure drawings found on the walls of ancient walls of sepulchres and ruins, like the ones at Pompeii (some of which were especially saucy) or in the Catacombs of Rome. Use of the word eventually evolved to include any images applied to public surfaces with the intent of vandalism.

The medium started being taken seriously during the very late 70’s and the 80’s. Although it already was a big phenomenon in the United States (mostly in New York), graffiti culture stagnated in Europe, until the early to mid-80’s. In 1979, Claudio Bruni, and Italian art dealer, gave a gallery opening in Rome to Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy.

Nowadays, graffiti is an accepted art form to which many people are attracted to, whether as art creators or art consumers.

We have covered graffiti on multiple occasions. Also, we can show you amazing artists, and give you a bit of design inspiration. Today, however, we will be giving you design resources.

In this article, we will be rounding up the best free graffiti fonts we have found while navigating the treacherous waters of the internet, so you do not have to waste precious time looking for them yourself.

1. Urban Decay


Image Source

Urban Decay is a hand-made brush stroke font made to celebrate my love for graffiti, urban exploration, street calligraphy and inner city living!

2. Lemon Day


Image Source

This font looks more pencil more than aerosol, but it gives it its unique brand of charm. It’s very old school hip hop, and very friendly.

3. Sprayerz Font


Image Source

Based on typical letters, painted with spray. I was designing this once a time, when I watch some graffiti and simple messages on a lot of walls…

4. London Graffiti


Image Source

This font draws inspiration from some of the most infamous graffiti writers in London, including Elmo, Aser, Masika, Leet, sick, and cUt. This version only has outlines, but updates are coming soon that will be filled and also have drop shadows.

5. The Graffiti Font


Image Source

The Graffiti Font, made by Mike Karolos, is a no-nonsense font that brilliantly imitates the style of classic graffiti lettering. It comes in both black & white and color variants so that you can go for both the sober and the funky look in your designs.

6. Sprite Graffiti Font


Image Source

This is the first Bulgarian graffiti typeface in Cyrillic created for the 24th of May (Bulgarian national holiday celebrating the alphabet) as part of our campaign for Sprite Graffiti Fest 2014.
Our challenge was to keep the graffiti style and still have legible letters. We strived for a functional font that would not only be useful for the graffiti community, but also for a wider audience. This way, apart from promoting graffiti we also help build a pool of more and diverse Cyrillic typefaces.

7. Fozzie Got a Posse Typeface


Image Source

This is a long project I’ve made through several months, as a challenge to myself to create a real organic font. Based in graffiti tagging, it’s possible to write everything with three variations of each lowercase with it. And all my study is going as a gift for you type freaks.

8. DJ Gross


Image Source

DJ Gross is somewhere between grunge and graffiti, we would say. It has got a darker edge to it; the style was being negligent and almost rushed.

9. Brooklyn Font


Image Source

Brooklyn is a calligraphy-based typeface that is both sleek and brutal.

10. Stylin BRK


Image Source

This is Beraka’s second entry on our list, and it is probably not going to be the last. The letters have an almost Arabic feel to them, and we think they look stunning.

11. Street Writer


Image Source

This font reminds us of when we were customizing our car in any of the post-Underground Need for Speed games. This is exactly the kind of font we would jump at when we browsed the list of available customizations.

12. Reskagraf


Image Source

13. Amsterdam Graffiti


Image Source

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s graffiti cultures. The scene is vibrant over there, giving it its special flair. This font aims to capture a bit of the Dutch urban charm, and allow you to implement it into your designs.

14. Urban Jungle


Image Source

Urban Jungle reflects this fonts style. It would look completely out of place in a village sort of setting. It looks like the kind of graffiti you would see in abandoned buildings.

15. The Pricks


Image Source

The Pricks is a simple block font with some mean spikes.

16. Bring Tha Noize


Image Source

Bring Tha Noize has old school written all over it. We could see it as being the font and a Run DMC or Flava Flav album.

17. Degrassi


Image Source

Degrassi is a somewhat wack, graffiti inspired font.

18. Brock Vandalo


Image Source

Estou enviando minha primeira fonte e espero em breve contribuir mais para o crescimento da typografia mundial” meaning that this is the designer’s first font, and it is his contribution to typography (we are trying to translate without Google, so we apologize if we got it wrong). Its direct inspiration is Brazilian graffiti, Brazil being where the designer Brock Marques is from. Brazil has a vibrant graffiti scene, so this font had to be on our list.

19. Graffonti


Image Source

A graffiti style three font interlocking family, Graffonti’s styles include: atomic bomb, drop 3D and gradient fill. All three font style include a full sets of capitals, lower case, digits, special characters, and a few random dingbatz.

20. Please Show Me Love


Image Source

A randomized, hand-written font with various styles of characters.

That concludes our list of top 20 free graffiti fonts. We hope you enjoyed our list, and that you will find the fonts we have found useful. Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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4 Comments Top 20 Free Graffiti Fonts

  1. puw Apr 2, 2015 at 06:34

    Are you sure these are all free? I checked your Sprayerz Font link and it isn’t.

    1. Claudia Apr 2, 2015 at 14:34

      Hey, my apologies. Sprayers Font is the only one that can be downloaded with deviantART points. But all the other fonts are absolutely free :) Thanks for the feedback.

  2. BlueBottle Apr 4, 2015 at 18:52

    Hi, Elena

    It seems that the link to ‘the pricks’ font isn’t valid anymore. The author’s site still offers good, free and commercial fonts and vectors:

    In case you find a new working link to download this font, please update. Thank you and best regards.


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