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20+ Must-Have Email Marketing Tools

Every business, every designer needs to keep in touch with his clients, it could be just an email, catching them up to speed on the status of their projects being developed, or it could be just a friendly email promoting your new services. Make your life easier with these easy to use, user friendly email marketing tools. You’ll look more professional and they will carry most of the burden for you.

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8 Strategies to Boost Your Content Marketing Program

Content marketing is all the rage now. According to the Salesforce team, “87% of marketers have indicated that content marketing is a key part of their marketing strategy, surpassing SEO, events and other initiatives.” Many marketers have already experienced the benefits of content marketing and got the taste of huge success. But according to the experts, it’s only ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

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10 Useful Tumblr Tips & Tricks

Tumblr is one of the biggest blogging platforms and social media networking websites there is, with over 188 million blogs hosted, as of June 2014. Since Tumblr is so popular, we have decided to take a look around the internet, and see what tips and tricks people might have for using the platform, and these are some of the best ones we could find, for both experienced and novice users.

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