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7 Quick Tips: How to Optimize Your Images for Great Search Results

Ever been tempted to upload your image to your WordPress dashboard and just insert it in a post as is? Of course, we all have at some point. Thing is, if you use images that way, your WordPress site (any type of site for that matter) will soon get really clunky and you’ll even lose search engine rankings because of that. Let me explain how to use images properly both in terms of SEO and overall site performance.

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How to Successfully Market Your Design Blog

The Internet is all about choices. But, once you’ve made all these choices and finally have a blog, on a platform, on a domain you bought or on a .blogger, .wordpress, .tumblr or another free domain, with a custom-built or generic theme, you find yourself with the biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself while blogging. That question is, of course, “How do I make myself noticed amongst the millions of other blogs out there?”

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