Showcase of 15 Musicians Fan Art Designs

Art chooses its ‘victims’ in the most random way possible, as a result of the artists’ permanent circle running in search for brand new inspiration sources.

To prove my point here with you, I chose music as our today’s graphic design inspiration source. The result of my research is an awesome showcase of 15 fan art designs that will perfectly match your more than useful design resources. Some of them are hand drawn or painted, others are manipulations or vector illustrations, but all in all they are nothing but plain examples of how powerful and influential art can be.

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The Rolling Stones

Jim Morrison

Iggy Pop

The Beatles



Pink Floyd


Katy Perry

Bob Marley

And now that we’re done rediscovering some of the greatest bands in the world and their fan art designs, tell me: which one is your favorite? Are there any all-time musicians’ fan art you would’ve liked to see featured here?

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  1. kok Oct 4, 2012 at 12:18

    Its really good!! Muy Bueno


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