[Infographic] – Creative Salaries for 2012

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So what are we looking at today? I’ve come across an interesting little infographic from HOW Design, which colorfully establishes what the design jobs and career salaries are for 2012. They also post the Behance Job List, where you can find great opportunities in the domain. So all in all, their Design Jobs section is worth checking out. You can also read more about outsourcing and finding jobs as a freelance designer – the basics and some interesting statistics – here.

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I’m curious if you think this infographic is accurate, so why not drop us a line about it in the comments section? It would also make us really happy, you know.

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2 Comments [Infographic] – Creative Salaries for 2012

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  2. Geraldiine Feb 19, 2016 at 00:43

    This chart is not accurate at all. Not even for rough eiatmstes. The average military doctor making $58k a year? No way. As an O-3 when you first join you’re making $60k without adding in the bonuses. That’s if you’re stationed in a place with very low housing allowance. An O-5 is making about $92k before bonuses. It’s still way less than the civilian sector, but the chart makes it seem like doctors are making about the same as a mechanic in the military. That is definitely not true.The jobs that make out the best in the military are menial labor jobs. They get paid more than they would get in the private sector.Remember, in order to get doctors and lawyers to join the military you have to have competitive salaries for them. If you paid doctors $58k no one would join. And the ones who owed time to the military for putting them through medical school would get out the first chance they got.


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