Hot Steamin’ Design Inspiration: Vintage Car Edition

There’s something about vintage cars that will make anyone stare and dream about driving them. Don’t you agree?

Before showing you the mouth watering, jaw dropping, dreamboat collection of car illustrations we have prepared for you, let’s take a little stroll down ‘theory’ lane: a classification of old cars.

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Antique cars

They are generally more than 45 years old and maintained in conformity with the manufacturer specifications. Also, in most states, they are given special license plates.

Classic cars

They pretty much meet the same requirements as antique cars, the only difference being that they should be between 20 and 40 years old.

Vintage cars

They basically have to date back to the 1919-1930 period. Repairs and alterations that stray from the manufacturer’s specifications don’t affect its status.

Now that we’ve got this straightened out, let’s get cooking with the awesome designs!

They make you stop and stare.

They can give you wings.

They make you wish you were living an old-school glamorous life.

They can embellish your life.

They make you dream of vacation and sunny days.

They can make you feel nostalgic

…or like you’re living in a different time

…and place.

They can make you want to join the army

…or make you feel like a woman.

They can even bring out the animal in you.

Never underestimate the sheer power of a vintage car! Have you ever driven one?


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