16 Free Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

All entrepreneurs need to have the right mindset and ability to drive their business to the top. Although hard-won experience and vision can only be acquired with time, the right tools should be readily available. The following list includes the most important tools each and every entrepreneur should have in their arsenal.

#1 Alerts

Is great for tracking keywords. Set it up for your name and business and you will know when it has been mentioned online.

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#2 Grip

Helps grow professional networks by putting entrepreneurs in touch with each other.

#3 Google Analytics

Is a very fast, accurate and user-friendly tool that will  keep track of how your business is going on the web.

#4 Mint

Is a very simple platform that keeps track of your personal or business budget.

#5 Edgerank Checker

Creates easy to read graphs showing engagement of your Facebook business page.

#6 Buffer

Allows scheduling of social media posts in bulk for easy and efficient social media coverage.

#7 Docady

Stores copies of much needed and important paperwork.

#8 Slack

Brings teams together and keeps everyone and everything organised and in one place.

#9 MailChimp


Has a great platform that allows easy creation and analysis of email campaigns.

#10 Google Drive

With near-unlimited functionality, it will revolutionize teamwork and collaboration on documents and plans.

#11 Social Mention

Is a free online software that tracks where your business is mentioned all across social media.

#12 TweetDeck

Keeps track of every possible aspect of your twitter presence, feed and profile.

#13 Asana

Is a great online platform that enables teamwork without the hassle of emails.

#14 Rapportive

Opens a pop-up when reading the latest email from a client and shows his LinkedIn information.

#15 TripIt

Is a mobile app that allows planning and tracking of airplane trips.

Tell us what you found most useful on this list. If there’s something we missed, tell us in the comment section below.

#16 Contactout

ContactOut is a game-changing tool that finds not only your lead’s personal email addresses but also their phone numbers. 30% of the Fortune 500 use this tool for business intelligence and recruiting, and it boasts an edge over the competition in terms of volume, accuracy, and focus on personal information.


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