Favorite Design Related Articles of The Week #3

Every week I read a bunch of interesting, resourceful and inspirational articles from different cool websites and blogs. At the end of the week I like to share my favorite design related articles with you, maybe you missed one or two. This week you could read about creating effective content, how to choose CSS colors in web design, responsive web design, why it’s awesome to be a graphic designer and much more!

Smashing Magazine – Content Strategy: Optimizing Your Efforts For Success

Sixrevisions – Retro Candy: Free Icon Set

Sixrevisions – A Guide to CSS Colors in Web Design

Webdesignerdepot – Mind blowing examples of experimental typography

Webdesignledger – Building Strategies for Written Website Content

Webdesignledger – 30 Creative Examples of Responsive Web Design

1stwebdesigner – Two HUGE Myths of Setting Cheap Prices

Onextrapixel – Making the Best Out of Unwanted Offline Time

It’s Great to be a Graphic Designer. Here’s Why

What does the color of your website say about you?

Which is your favorite article from the ones above?

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A lot of people follow mentioned websites, personally I think it would be better to see here some less known websites but also with high quality content. Thanks!
Ok Magda, thank you for your feedback. I also follow smaller blogs, but with good content, I will include them in my weekly wraps. :)


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