10 Ultimate Tips for Designers to Create an Effective Website

Planning to design your own website? We have brought a few tips for you to design your website effectively. An effective website is a basic need when you wish to reach out to people with your work. So, an attractive and impressive design is the first thing you should think about. 

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Here we bring you some tips to create an effective website-

1. Use a simple website design keeping users in mind

The thumb rule for creating an impressive website is to make it simple yet stylish. No matter who you are and what field you are in, the key to your success is a simple and effective website. 

Use a simple website design keeping users in mind
Use a simple website design keeping users in mind

Tips to design a simple website – 

  • Use easy words and simple sentences 
  • Make your pages visually attractive (You can even use infographic design)
  • Arrange all elements carefully and in some order 
  • Each element should be prominent but be in harmony with the others

2. Optimize the design to decrease load speed

If your site is fast-loading, it attracts more visitors. But if your site takes a long time to load, people lose their patience and in most cases, they switch to some other window and leave the site. So a fast loading speed is a must-have if you want to retain your viewers.

Optimize the design to decrease load speed
Optimize the design to decrease load speed

Here are some tips to decrease your loading speed – 

  • Resize and compress the images before uploading
  • Don’t use too many redirects 
  • Limit plugins and widgets  

3. Choose colors wisely 

Appeal the colors create is very strong and sensitive. Colors are magical elements. They touch many sensitive zones where words can not reach. But, choosing the proper color scheme for your website is not an easy task. 

Choose colors wisely 
Choose colors wisely

Here are some tips to use colors effectively on your site –

  • Every color has its own sense and meaning. Know your purpose. Then, choose color based on that 
  • Colour acts as a complementing element to the text. They make them more prominent. Keeping this in mind, choose the background and font color.
  • Colour arouses emotions in viewers. Know what you want to convey. Based on that, decide your color scheme.

4. Consistency 

There must be uniformity on your website and the same tone should reflect everywhere. When people visit your homepage, they become familiar with your image and niche. It develops some kind of expectation. People should not experience any jerk when they go to any other page.


Here are some tips to make your sire consistent – 

  • Use similar color, typography, graphics, and other visual elements
  • Set a house style of your own.
  • Use a cascading style sheet for convenience.
  • Be selective about the words and sentences you use. There should be consistency in language as well.

5. Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly


Nowadays most people use their phones to browse through websites. So, if your website is not optimized for mobile, you are nowhere in the picture. Mobile optimization today has become a primary need for all the players in the market. So, you must make your site mobile compatible. This way you may secure a space in a competitive market. 

Here are some tips for mobile optimization – 

  • Check your site’s mobile compatibility using Google’s mobile-friendly tools  
  • Make your site cross-device compatible using a responsive theme
  • Improve your site’s loading time 
  • Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages on your site
  • Create a mobile app 

6. Easy Navigation

All your efforts to design a quality landing page will be useless if the navigation system is not proper. Readers must not face any difficulty to navigate to any page. People love to spend more time on pages that have easy navigation. Landing page experience counts in major purchase decisions. 

Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation

Here are some points for easy navigation – 

  • Create a logical page hierarchy 
  • Use bread scrums and clickable buttons to create the design
  • Follow three-click rule 

7. Add Testimonials to gain trust

A testimonial section adds more value to a website. This builds trust among visitors. Before any major decision, people try to know the feedback from experienced persons. 

Add Testimonials to gain trust
Add Testimonials to gain trust

Here are some tips to add testimonials to your website effectively – 

  • Use testimonial sliders. It brings a classy look to the page. 
  • Include photos, profession and geographical locations of the people writing the testimonies. It adds a touch of authenticity.
  • Make sure the testimonials do not make your page text-heavy. It will decrease the charm.

8. Use good quality photos

Images speak more than the words. One effective image is worth hundreds of words. On the other hand, images communicate to those who can not follow the script of the texts. Above all images boosts up SEO ranking if used properly. 

 Use good quality photos

Use good quality photos

Here are some tips to use images effectively – 

  • Use your own images as much as possible.  
  • Make sure your images are copyright free in case you take them from some other source.
  • Resize and optimize your images.
  • Add Alt Texts.

9. Typography & readability 

No matter how visually appealing a page is if the texts are not managed properly, it is useless. Text is the primary element of any website. 

Typography & readability
Typography & readability

Here are some tips to use texts properly – 

  • Your typography should be clean, simple and visually appealing
  • They should follow your house style 
  • Readers should find it easy to read them 
  • Use headlines, subheadings and bullet points other than long sentences 
  • Make sure your texts deliver information properly. Readers should get a complete picture
  • Be careful about using keywords, metadata, and other SEO sensitive elements


Efficient communication 

Effective communication is not easy. But, with a basic idea about the communication system, anyone can do it.

Effective Communication
Effective Communication
  • Think from the point of view of your target group while designing the website 
  • Go for thorough target research. Know the lifestyle, behavior, and attitude of your target group
  • Try to communicate with them in their language. Try to follow their language and vocabulary
  • Your messages should resonate with your target group 
  • Be careful about collecting feedbacks 
  • Use features like contact forms to collect feedback from the readers

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