The Art and Technique Of Arranging Type

The Art and Technique Of Arranging Type

Typography actually speaks louder than words. Do you really agree with that statement? Many people do not know that several high-quality designers aren’t aware of the roles and values of typography in designs. In graphics and web designs, there are several words used to portray brand identities. 

Apart from that, these words are also used to portray our services and numerous other things of utmost importance to our businesses. Do you want to make your brand or business appealing to customers? Are you curious about the effective ways to express your business to millions of people around the world? That’s where the power of correct and catchy typography comes into play.

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It isn’t right to write “rock and roll” with cursive font just as you wouldn’t want to write “peace” in a boldfaced angular letter. If you are really determined to project your brand or business in a better way, then you shouldn’t undermine the importance of the style of each of the characters.

One thing you can do to present your brand or business better in the eyes of the audience is to look for famous brands and examine their own unique identity. Though, you might feel that these famous brands only utilize a combination of characters and texts, but you can easily recognize them through their way of using font or style formation. A typical example of these brands is Yahoo and Google.

What is Typography?

Simply put, typography refers to the art and techniques of arranging typeface. Regardless of the purpose, a typeface is functional for impact, optimum readability, and artistic statements. Quality designs make a huge difference, specifically in communication. This is because it influences the way the reader sees, reads, feels, and translates the topic that’s been discussed. 

In the simplest form, typography refers to the combination of sizes, fonts, color, and spacing. In addition, it is also applied to anything that’s related to texts. Some of these include print design, web design, books, computer graphics, and so forth.


In a broader view, typography can be defined as the process of creating a virtual picture of your brand or business without the use of words and fancy fonts. However, this doesn’t imply that the use of fancy or decorative fonts is prohibited. The primary function of typography is to create a message that resonates with what your brand offers without the use of any image. 

Typography doesn’t only enhance the beauty of your graphics or web design, but it also helps to catch the attention of your audience or prospective web visitors. Apart from that, it also guides your audience naturally with the use of texts only without images whatsoever.

Now, we’ll be revealing a few of the basic rules that shouldn’t undermine when it comes to typography

Rules of Typography

Read Your Given Text with Rapt Attention

Several graphics or web designers do no read the full text as provided by their respective clients. Many of them are fond of simply copying and pasting the content from the text file sent by their clients. However, if you want to create professional typography that really ignites the attention of your customers of web visitors, then you should endeavor to read the text carefully. This will go a long way in helping you generate ideas on how it can be incorporated into the website.

Show a Hierarchy

Every website should be helpful to their prospective web visitors by displaying a clear hierarchy of where they should start reading from and how to easily navigate from one page to another. Typography is an excellent way of creating a hierarchy. This is because font size and types can be easily used to define the most important among the content of your website. And yes, a design alone may be unable to help in this regard.

Select the Color that Matches Your Design

When designing, you must select a color that perfectly matches your typography. More so, it has to be easily readable and ignite the attention of your prospective web visitors. This is because the background text on your website might disappear, specifically if you’ve chosen a similar color. So, it is wise to select colors that ideally contract with your background. For instance, black text perfectly matches a white background, a light color perfectly aligns with a dark background. This will make it easily readable, thus a perfect match with your website.

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