Design Inspiration: 10 Mind-Blowing Examples of Infographics

Knowledge is power, we’ve all heard this before. But when knowledge meets technology and talent, amazing things happen. And to prove my point here, I’ve put together for you guys today an amazing collection of 10 Infographic examples that what will most surely blow you away.

Each of them is a great example of how to successfully explain some facts in the most creative way possible and using all the necessary design resources. They are the works of some really talented graphic design artists so I’m sure they’ll serve all of us as a great inspiration.

I’ve already talked too much. I’ll let you guys check them out now.


Geological Time Spiral

Costos de guerra

17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat

A History of Science Fiction

Who Invented the Avant Garde

Digital Nostalgia

The Brain of a Blogger

Greenwashed – The truth about 95% of so-called green products

Global Carbon Footprint

Why Coffee and Tea are Amazing for You

You can’t possible tell me that you already knew all that stuff that you just read! Or can you?

Well then, bring it on in the comments section below!

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Really really nice Inspirations !


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