Best 8 Tips to Design Your First WordPress Theme

WordPress is a premier content management system that has gained immense popularity among web designers as well as bloggers. The easy to use interface and diverse customization options make it one of the most sought after CMS in the recent times. Moreover, WordPress has an active and vibrant community that is persistently coming up with new concepts, with the aim of helping the professional as well as the novice web designers in their pursuit to come up with exclusive website designs.

Here are some tips that are going to be extremely helpful for the web designers who are contributing to this active community by developing an exclusive WordPress design:

1. Design of the theme

Certain things that you need to keep in mind while developing a theme is that the design should be simple, yet exclusive. It should also be appealing and attractive, so that the developers opt for your theme amongst the many options available to them.

2. Double check the template

The theme developed by you should be compatible with all the browsers that are used by the viewers. Or else the theme will not be used by developers, as the visitors would not be able to see the content in it.

3. Opt for a clean theme

If you are a web design newbie, you might be of the opinion that it would be good only if it has a lot of hi tech features as well as complicated and intricate designs. But in reality it is important to develop a clean template so that the readers do not get confused while reading through the content of the site.

4. Develop a responsive theme

Responsive themes have become increasingly popular because the number of mobile internet users has augmented to a great extent in the recent time. While developing a WordPress theme, make sure to integrate all the features that makes it responsive. This will contribute to raising the number of users of the theme.

5. Use soft colors

The colors you use are extremely important in creating a viral theme. The excess use of bright colors and extravagantly stylish and complicated designs might augment the theme’s visual appeal, but the content of the website will be lost in it and the viewers might not get engaged. Less in more here.

6. Avail the online tutorials

One of the best ways in which you can get a comprehensive know-how about each and every aspect of WordPress theme development is through online tutorials. You can get step by step guidance of the full process, as well as useful tips. You can also take help from some of the resourceful books in this genre.

7. Conceive a concept before starting the project

Before starting off, it is best to have a concrete background plan so that the ultimate result is flawless. Consider the kind of website for which you are designing this theme, as well as the age group that it is supposed to attract. This will help you in determining the color, as well as the design of the theme.

8. Make use of the right tools

While designing a WordPress theme, you are certainly going to need  the help of Photoshop. There are many brushes and design tutorials that can help you a lot in developing an exclusive theme.

WordPress is an open source CMS that is extremely flexible and user friendly. It also has all the features that makes the website using WordPress CMS SEO friendly and thereby helps in getting higher rank in the most used search engines.

Make your positive contribution to this active and ever growing WordPress community by designing a viral theme that is going to be appreciated by developers. Make the best use of the tips given above to get best result.

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The above article is written by RS from Themes4CMS group

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