10 Best Examples of Cool Responsive Website Designs to Inspire You

With the rise of mobile devices, building an appealing website that offers a great user experience has now become more complex. The art of creating a responsive website has emerged to make your website look perfect on various devices, eliminating the need to code separate sites for each platform.

With the growing number of users accessing the internet from their mobile devices, designers & developers are looking for the ways to cater to online visitors on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Responsive website designing is completely different from the traditional ways of developing the sites. So, designers and developers must know about its pros and cons. If you are in search of coolest responsive website designs for your inspiration, then you have reached the right place. We have listed the top responsive yet fantastic web designs that will surely inspire you.

Checkout these incredible examples of cool responsive web designs:



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With the wonderful product images, INDOCHINO is beautifully designed shopping website that offers premium quality clothing for men. This light in weight websites adjust itself perfectly on all the devices maintaining its clarity.

2. CSSChopper


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It can be the awesome red and white color combination with high-definition images that can make you love this site or it may be easy navigation due to its responsive nature that appeals you more. The breakpoint works well with the layout needs and gives a sharp looking website that does not degrade at any screen size. The site always looks good on all the devices.

3. Meow


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Meow presents lots of exciting videos, music, lists for you in the most appealing manner. Whether you access it on your MAC with a large screen or on the mobile phone, the site will always allure you with its picture clarity and adaptability to fit to the surroundings.

4. HTMLPanda


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Neat layout, beautiful images and clean text make this site a lot alluring to visit instantly at first sight. If you are looking for any kind of professional assistance in creating web applications, then HTMLPanda is the great destination.

5. BetterGraph


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The consistent look of website over various devices along with the forthright content structure is quite appreciable. Better Graph has done a great job of creating the site that responds well on different mobile devices, while keeping the integrity of website design intact.

6. Co Design


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Co Design is one of the best examples of cool web designs. You will surely love the top most image showing the responsive behavior of site. The picture quality makes no difference when viewed on the mobile phone. This fully responsive site with faster loading speed is a pleasure to navigate.

7. Design made in Germany Magazine 5


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This magazine site has ultra modern design that compels visitors to not only stay longer, but also return to the site. Magazine 5 has changed the definition of back & white as it looks much more interesting than even colored ones due to perfect use of fonts size and type and awesome shades.

8. Illy Issimo


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Made from natural ingredients and illy’s exclusive blend of 100% arabica coffee, Illy Issimo coffee adds an intense, pleasurable and refreshing moment to your day. This clean and sophisticated websites looks perfect on desktop and mobile devices as well. Being light-weighted site, it loads quickly & efficiently and fits perfectly on every screen.

9. PSDtoWordPressExpert


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PSDtoWordPressExpert clearly shows that responsive designing does not limit our designs to adaptive images and text on solid backgrounds. Professional look, beautiful visual effects, refined typography and intuitive navigation combine to build a site that is fully-functional yet attractive.

10. No-refresh


Image source

Adaptable images and type make this website a joy to navigate on any size device. The text size is quite bigger on the large monitor screen for increased readability, whereas the text shrinks slightly to achieve convenient line length as well as legibility on the mobile device.

If you are looking to get an inspiration from the best responsive sites, then no need to look further than these responsive web designs that fit perfectly to all the internet supporting devices and still manage to look wonderful.


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