Showcase of Creative Music CD Covers for Inspiration

I’m a sucker for an illustrated cover, maybe because I love everything that has something to do with graphic design. You can’t deny that if you see a CD with a horrible cover you get to think that maybe that artist isn’t so good or you just don’t buy that CD – only if it’s you all times favorite artist.

As any other creative field, music blends wonderfully with design when it comes to creating appealing album covers. That’s why you will find music CD covers with fantastic graphics, cartoons, type treatment, photo manipulations, drawings, paintings and more. Usually, the cover illustrates the feelings the artist wants to transmit with his music and it often has a very personal approach.

Here are some awesome music CD covers, some are known and some are not, but they are all great! Enjoy!

Kanye West – Graduation Album Cover

Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art

Gnarls Barkley The Odd Couple Album Cover

Architecture in Helsinki: Places Like This

Muse – The Resistance Full Album

Lily Allen – Alright, Still Album Cover

Sky Larkin – Kaleide Album Cover

Ladyhawke: Ladyhawke

Hot Chip: The Warning

Gallows: In The Belly of a Shark

Mike Monday: Songs Without Words

Bob Evans: Goodnight, Bull Creek!

Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion

Paul Kelly: Stolen Apples

Genji Siraisi: Censorsh!t

Kisschasy: United Paper People

Menomena – Friend & Foe

Keane: Under The Iron Sea

Beastie Boys: The Mix Up

Stuck In Travel CD Cover

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Greatest Hits

Unklejam: Unklejam

Ephemer -WIP-

Neraida CD Cover

The Chemical Brothers: Push the Button

Various: Minimalistic Album Covers

AC/DC – Black Ice

zzk vol.2

CD cover for Tribal Vision Records

Celebration: Album Cover

Which is your favorite music CD cover?

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