10 Premium Freebies that Will Put Your Projects on the Right Track

I thought we would talk a bit today about probably the most researched design resource on the web: freebies. It’s a well known fact that designers are constantly looking to enlarge their personal collection of resources and because quality and attention to detail are key in the business, we’re going to draw inspiration from some premium vector freebies.

Freebies are in general a great resource to have at hand because you can use them as such or as a basis for creating your own elements. Also, the main advantage that they offer is the time saving aspect: they absolve designers of the task of creating the same elements over and over again.

We’ll continue by exploring some applications for these awesome resources and seeing exactly what you can find on the web right now if you’re looking for premium designs. Let’s start with some cool web elements that any web designer could use in his/ her projects.

People say that we live in an era dominated by social media and especially in the online field it is essential to promote yourself or your company on websites relevant to your domain. With this in mind, I’ve picked for you guys some social media icons, some mascots that will definitely get people cheering for you and a funny Twitter bird, that will bring a smile to anyone’s face and so they won’t be able to resist clicking on it.

Let’s dip our toes into some recreational resources and look at some vector illustrations that should get you feeling creative. And because I believe that success relies on the passion you put in your projects, I’ve picked a couple of themed images to be enjoyed by the vast number of people out there who truly share this passion: cars.

Next, I simply thought about all you designers out there who are probably asked to include in your projects elements related to future events. So I chose a couple of Easter themed elements, seeing as it’s just around the corner.

For last I’ve saved a symbolic cherry tree branch, in the hope that it will bring spring in all those parts of the world where it’s still to shy to come out of hiding.


I’m curious, which freebie could be of help to you in your current project?


10 Premium Freebies that Will Put Your Projects on the Right Track | Design News
[...] 10 Premium Freebies that Will Put Your Projects on the Right Track [...]
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