Web Design Inspiration – 10 Free Icon Sets

Web design is a powerful branch of the graphic design business, which provides the two with a lot of common ground to stand on. Web designers also stack up on premium design resources for their projects and have to deal with fickle clients and inspirational dry spells. With this in mind, I thought I’d offer a helping hand and put together for you guys a showcase of premium icon sets and buttons which you can easily include in your projects.

Whether they’re suitable for social media, mobile, E-commerce, blogging or many others, you can definitely benefit from these resources. Enjoy!

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And I have a great surprise for you guys saved for last! Here’s a professional set of icons which is part of an awesome design bundle also containing vector and texture packs, fonts, Photoshop actions and much much more! Doesn’t that make you want to check it out?

Which set do you think would prove more useful in your design projects?


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