10 Free Amazing CSS3 Image Hover Effects

I’ve put together for you guys today a cool showcase of free image hover effects, which are used to make a website look more dynamic. In the past they were created using JavaScript but now with the awesome capabilities of CSS3, only your imagination is the limit. Improve the visuals of your website and provide a short description of the photo on hover over the thumbnail. And the awesome part is that the previews give you a pretty good picture of how the site is going to look. Anyway, you honestly can’t have enough quality web design resources, so download and enjoy!

Sexy Image Hover Effects Using CSS3

Fancy Image Gallery with CSS3

A Dynamic Stack of Index Cards (CSS3)

Fancy CSS3 Transitions Image Gallery

Awesome CSS3 Images Stacked Elements

Pure CSS3 Images Hover Effects

CSS3 Tricks Animation Featured Boxes

CSS3 Animation, Shadows Image Hover Effect

Simple CSS3 Slick Animated Image Caption

Popout Details on Hover CSS3

Which effect would you use on your website?

Teylor Feliz
Hi, Please refer the "Fancy Image Gallery" to the original article on admixweb at http://www.admixweb.com/2010/03/08/how-to-create-a-fancy-image-gallery-with-css3/ Thank you very much for your help.
Andra Postolache
Done. So sorry about that Teylor :)
Desentupidora Desentupir24hs
Muito bom, gostei dos css, estamos usando muito no Brasil de um tempo pra ka
Desentupidora Esgolimp
creating the much improved when we started using css
Desentupidora São Paulo
CSS é massa!!!
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[...] 10 Free Amazing CSS3 Image Hover Effects [...]
Brastemp assistência Técnica
really show the css, help is on page load
Bosch assistência Técnica
actually loading pages is very good, light and fits without
GE assistência técnica eletrodomésticos
very good, interresante
A internet mudou depois que chegou o CSS para acabar com efeitos que demoravam muito a carregar


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