Web Design Inspiration: 20 Horizontal Scrolling Websites

As far as I can remember, not so many years ago horizontal scrolling websites were considered a pretty bad idea due to usability issues, and they still are, in some cases. But the truth is that, if it’s put to use wisely, this type of web design will not only give visitors a unique scrolling experience but it’ll also allow the developer to set his imagination free.

And since I’m personally a big fan of horizontal scrolling, today I’ve put together for you guys this superb collection of such websites. Also, to give you a helping hand with creating your own awesome website, I’m gonna show you a useful showcase of free innovative web templates. Enjoy!

Gavin Castleton

Serial Cut

Jonathan Yuen

180 Degrees

Thinking for a Living


Carrot Creative

Nirvana the band the show

C. L. Holloway

Dennis Kleine

Harry Wittlinger

Suie Paparude

Section Seven



Reverse Buro

Black 5

Mike Tucker


Mareen Fischinger

So, this is what I prepared for you guys. Now it’s your turn to tell me which one is your favorite and even share your own recommendations in the comments section below!



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