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Sleek Web Design Trends and Strategies for 2021

 Every year the trend of web design trends get better with the advancement of technology. These trends have promised to put us in a sci-fi future, where nothing is less than a dream. 

Keeping up with the best web design trends and innovative practices is imperative for all website design companies that aim at capturing users’ attention. It’s better than if one can pioneer a trend or implement an idea that others can follow and bring a change. 

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2020 led to a series of robust and quick changes in the transition from offline to online – an event that has once again brought web experience to the forefront.  

Earlier the web designers used to aspire for hi-tech fantasies, but now the mindset and approach are changing. Individuals are now seeking realism. 

The need for realism has encouraged designers to mix illustrations with practicality, improve their expertise in and experiment with layers and floating elements, and play with color gradients and fonts.

As per research, the 2021 web design trends such as the voice user interface design or abstracts will share a common theme.

There are a number of other trends as well which have come to the forefront of web designing. Let us look into a few which are going to blend our everyday life movements into a digital design.  

Web Design Trends Explained

Design trends are significantly influenced by the social and cultural changes that happen around us. No doubt, the past year 2020 saw some dramatic changes in the sphere of digital designs. Due to the entire COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and brands were forced to dive deep into the digital era which has changed the way companies function. 

Web design trends are adopted by different industries having different styles. During 2020 main focus was around digital and visual, and how they got balanced out. Thus, let’s know how these three main focuses influenced the market in 2020 when everything was remote and how this trend is continued in the coming year.

Visual Communication: The remote environment has challenged many designers to recreate an experience that matches real-life expectations and makes these experiences come true digitally. 

Digital Engagement Levels: Web designers were left with no option but to explore the multiple visual communication avenues that could augment various engagement levels. This includes various practices such as product stimulation for online shopping, different color schemes, novelty typography art, etc. 

Balancing Act: In the past years and the coming ones, we will also see some of the individual trends that mix with the different industry needs and individuals. It is essential to balance between quality and quantity, to come up with the right design, which caters to all. 

Top Web Design Trends That Will be Massively Used in 2021    

Many of the web designers’ fundamental goals are to decide which design trend suits the business goals and which trend will have a positive impact on the target audience. 

 Here are the four primarily web design trends, that will be used in 2021 by a wide variety of web designers: 

  • Neumorphism

Not just now, but for a few years, neomorphism has gained a lot of traction. This style succeeds skeuomorphism – A famous design approach that was incorporated using materials that were familiar and outdated into the current innovative designs. 


The concept of neomorphism represents an amalgamation of trends coupled with the designs that mimic the physical aspects through the drop shadows. This process allows the designers to claim the entire experience that got lost in the era of flat design and helps them have a better connection with the design. 

  • Animations and Typography Effects 

Animated typography elements are going to make huge waves in 2021. These are the elements that make use of a collection of words or sentences for aesthetic value. The primary aim is to allow viewers to see visually appealing things instead of just reading the drab and boring texts. Designers will be seen using the technique to convey the marketing objectives by creating a visual theme.  

  • Abstract Art Compositions

Abstract art is not a new concept, but 2021 will surely see high usage of this composition. In many cases, the abstract art compositions are replacing stock photography, by including images, which will evoke human emotions.

The abstract shapes, mainly geometric shapes such as circles, squares and circles portray themselves as minimalist, simple, practical yet restrictive ones. In coming times, we will see many web designers incorporating them into some of the sprawling compositions. 


  • Usage of Emojis

Worldwide communication has slowly and surely started to embrace digital interaction. One could be 5000 miles or just 5 meters apart but in constant connection at the back of emails, group forums, and messaging applications. 

One does not need words anymore to interact with each other as there are playful emojis, which have now become an essential part of our digital lexicon. Hence, the popularity of emojis has very subtly made its way to the toolbox of the designers.  

Wrapping Up

 The top 2021 web design trends look less like they have been taken out from a sci-fi movie, but are more inclined towards actual designs, which reflect our everyday lives. It just reflects how web designs have become a part of our everyday routine. Hence, being simple yet effective is the key to bring on the plate the most attractive web designs today. 

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  1. I literally can’t wait for the web design trends such as the voice user interface design or abstracts to share their common theme. I love your blogs because of the way you update your audience with new upcoming trends and technology. Thanks : )

  2. Nice article. Some visual examples would be helpful. The article on skeuomorphism was well done.

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