Icons Showcase: 10 Simple iOS Icon Designs

Just like people who talk too much to hide a lack of confidence, over-working your iOS icon designs could have the opposite effect to the one you want them to achieve. As the talkers will eventually lose the ears of their listeners, noisy icons could prevent your customers from engaging with your app.

It’s a balancing act. It takes bravery to hold back, and a confident designer to balance the space-versus-dead-air debate. But when you do it and do it well, you’ll find that your customers will close the gap that you create by stepping back for you.

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Giving your app a sleek finish, this is both visually appealing and easier use. Here we take a look at some strong examples of simple icon design; hopefully they will show you more than our words ever could tell you.

1. Safari by Slava Beskrovniy


Image source

This almost flat ios icon displays beautiful work of shadows and layers. It’s visually appealing and use of colour is both smart and sparing.

2. Clock by Paco


Image source

This ios Clock icon is smooth, sleek and simple. The white colour gives it a real minimal look.

3. Mail by Russ Rosenberg


Image source

This mail icon displays a great use of flat colour with a minimal shape. The execution and flat dimension allow this simple icon to stand out beautifully.

4. iOS7 Outline Icon by Lewis Bell


Image source

This ios icon displays a great use of subtle 3D effect. It shows that your ios icons can still have dimension without being too over powering.

5. Honeyhive App Icon by Oykun


Image source

The beautiful shades of orange on this icon add a fiery look to its clean and simple base.

6. Check icon by Ionut Zamfir


Image source

This simple design is brought to life with the use of vibrant blue and subtle ripples. Its versatile so can be used across a range of platforms.

7. Camera by Rovane Durso


Image source

This ios camera icon displays a good use of simple shapes, soft colours and beautiful lens work.

8. Knob 3D icon by Celegorm


Image source

Simple and beautifully executed, this 3d icon design shows your icons don’t need to be flat to portray minimalism.

9. YouTube IOS Icon by Ilja Miskov


Image source

The famous YouTube icon is constantly redesigned. This simple ios version is better than the real thing!

10. Simple Google Chrome App Icon by Paul


Image source

The original Google Chrome iOS icon is constantly in the lime light for its design, this has led to designers recreating it. This simple version is eye catching and creative.

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