Sarcastic Romance Illustrations by Donna Choi

Donna Choi likes to make us laugh with her digitized illustrations, depicting her fascination of lust and passion. She likes to say this about them “ It is reviled by strangers and exes alike”. We fully agree. This wonderful artist is based in Brooklyn, New York and has created a weekly series of illustrations – “Modern Romance”.

Her growing as a creative person started when she was just 12 years old, she used to create fan fiction about X-Men: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Dana seems to really love the hero type, her childhood hero is Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Who wouldn’t love a 16 year old girl trying to save the world? She gets her inspiration from female rappers, young adult novels, dark comedy, and, as she likes to put it, the seedy underbelly of the internet.

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Her client list consists of Digitas, Hyphen, Jezebel, Strong Families and Updater. She has been recognized by tons of media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Catchafire and Bitchmedia. She went to school at University of California, Berkeley, in 2009 to learn BA Ethnic Studies, and in 2014 she decided to learn MFA Illustration and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She is an incredible artist and her skillset varies from iconography, front-end development, web design, illustrations to data visualization. You can check her personal website, follow her on twitter, instagram, tumblr, behance and you can connect with her on linkedin.

Now, lets see what her crazy imagination has to offer us.

1. Dressed to kill


Image source

As Gogol Bordellos front man, Eugene Hutz tells us “ Start Wearing Purple” – Dana, conveys the power of lust and depicts how this power can turn deadly.

2. Sext


Image source

Ah, with great technology, comes great responsibility. So why not just lose it all together, and start sexting your crush? No, I’m kidding, don’t do that out of the blue, you’ll seem weird. Dana manages to express how sexting seems to her. It is easy as depicted in her art.

3. Jaws of Love


Image source

I’m not the only one thinking of the movie Jaws, right? Love has it jaws that can break you, but it is worth it. Dana seems to extract from her past, bits of art that carefully meld into this final project.

4. Man Child


Image source

Being a man child is not really that bad as society likes to make us think it is. Sure, it has its downsides but look how cool you can look with a moustache and a pacifier. You look like 45% bad ass, 45% innocent little child and 10% crazy. Crazy is good, and it seems that Dana likes crazy also.

5. Let’s Bang


Image source

All of us have been in that situation where you’ve been approached by someone, thinking their lean and charismatic, all cool looking, just to have them open their mouths and sprout their single goal. Hey, don’t turn out that opportunity ever again. Making sweet music all night long is fun.

6. Ready for Action


Image source

You have to be ready for what the night has to offer you. And I mean real ready, you don’t know where you’ll end up on a Friday night, drinking Tequila shots till’ dawn.

7. Nut Buster


Image source

Don’t be that type, that nut buster no fun type. It really kills the mood. Just go with the flow, it’ll be better for you. I wonder what experience has let Dana depict this in her art. If you’ve got a hunch of sorts tells us in the comments. We would love to hear what your imagination can think of.

8. Porn Addict


Image source

This is a real struggle for tens of thousands of people around the world. You may think of it as a joke, but the problem is real. Porn addicts really do exist. Dana manages to depicts this addiction by showing us a syringe filled with a triple X.

9. White Savior


Image source

Imagine a pool party, everybody having fun, chilling around, drinking red whine. The dress code on the invitation said all white, so you conformed to the rules and dressed as supposed. As every pool party goes, there has to be someone chasing someone else, unfortunately in all of the chaos created you just nearly spilled your glass of red whine all over yourself. But don’t despair, at the exactly last moment a friend of yours saves your life.

Well, lets not over dramatize this whole situation. He saved your white clothes. Hence, from now on, he will be named Sir White Savior. Or at least, that what this picture is telling me. Great work Dana!

10. Drained


Image source

Blending two of our basic emotions, love and hurting over someone, or something we love, with modern day problems, as if you loved too much, for too long and the little battery inside of you, named the heart, has drained, is now depleted. You need to recharge it, and it may take a while. Don’t fret, let time do it’s purpose and re-energize your battery.

11. Instant Crush


Image source

Dana depicts an instant crush as taking a pill. Once you’ve took it, the effect is sudden and the euphoria that sinks within you is amazing.

12. Wet Pussy


Image source

Not, it is not not safe for work. Dana depicts in a humorous way how a female body naturally reacts to what stimulates her. I got a good chuckle over this picture.

13. Date Night


Image source

Need to get the tension off of your shoulders? Had a rough day at the job? Don’t bring it with you to date night, it will ruin it. Dana has an advice to give you. Fly the friendly skies and forget your worries.

14. Fancy Boy


Image source

A fancy boy is like a really expensive nail polish. You want to use it every time, but you start thinking is worth it?

15. Passive Aggressive


Image source

Don’t fight fire with fire. If you see someone being passive aggressive towards you, shut them down. You are not in the 5th grade anymore.

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