Photoshop Gone Bad

Without any doubt Photoshop is an amazing tool. It  makes artist happy and clients too .But sometimes….just sometimes… something goes wrong… and we end up with some pretty fun pictures to laugh about. Enjoy!

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1. Either this a campaign for strange looking women or sombody is just  very enthusiastic about the Liquify tool. xjsb1t6urcd4hnxf1rrs5dyt_5001

2.Here we have a good example of an amazing natural effect. Great technique I might say.

It has that C/ Accesories /Paint feel to it. Good job!


3.OMG! I’ve just got this program…it’s called Fotoshop or something and it lets you put people in photos. It looks soooo realistic.


4. ” But boss…doesn’t her head appear to be smallllller than the rest of her body?”

“Oh…don’t worry nobody will ever notice”


5. Huge hand on the table! What huge hand on the table?p6

6. Why spend money…just use the damn photo!


7. Buy this camera! And you too can have weird looking fingers.


8. These guys just can’t stop adopting. Now they got an evil twin for their son. And they make him wear girls shoes. Now that’s evil!


9. This spring it’s all about girls with 1/2 legs. Girls with two are so out of season!


10. So you guys at Armani must be spending a whole lot of money on your commercials.  It’s all worth it! Every penny!


11. Nothing odd here. Just a girl looking at the sky…and her strange  strange forehead.


12. Oh, the great art of reflection !


13. Yes so what exactly is contact thermography ? And why is it making  that woman’s leg melt ?


14. Oh yes! Now this is great Photoshop use! Bravo!


15.  So you are saying that in the original photo the woman was keeping her arms crossed? I would have never figured that one out !


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