Master Collection: A Collection of 900 Unbeatable Elements That’ll Completely Transform Your Work

Finding the best photo enhancing tools isn’t a lighthearted affair. However, it isn’t exactly an easy task either.

If you think about it, it might even qualify to be a full-time job altogether. That’s considering all the time and effort you have to spend chasing those surreal effects before you finally get tools that suit your vision.

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The truth is whether you are a professional or a novice it’s definitely frustrating when even with so many softwares out on the market, you still can’t seem to get the right tools for the job.

You have the perfect masterpiece thought out and the perfect execution plan. Heck, you even have the perfect background and your creativity levels are at an all-time high. And there’s really no telling what amazing design plan you could cook up in the process.

But your current photo enhancing tools are only as good as the cheapskate Photoshop tools you purchased off the black market.

And when you do finally find the tools of your dreams, they are either not the full package or just so happen to be way out of your price range.

Which means your search is not over yet. It seems like you’ll be in for a lot more searching at least until you find something whose cost is right up your alley.

There are plenty of photo enhancing tools out on the market. But you won’t find anything quite like the Master Collection. This collection brings you 900 unique and stunning elements that’ll drastically enhance your work. And the best part is that they’ll be easily available to you with just one easy download.

Benefits of the Master Collection

• It is user-friendly.
• It is compatible with all CS versions of Photoshop.
• It has hundreds of powerful sky backdrops to choose from including birds in flight, drag and drop clouds and different phases of the moon as well as plenty of flowers and plants to choose from.
• Immediate access to the backgrounds with just one easy download which drastically reduces the amount of time you’ll spend picking out the perfect backdrop.
• It is going for a discounted price of $49 which means you can save $300.

What’s in the Package?

Skies 1: There are plenty of goodies in this collection. These include:
• 100 different backgrounds of birds in flight
• Drag and drop clouds
• Six sky replacement tutorials
• 14 print sizes
• All different phases of the moon
• 25 popular constellations

Skies 2: This collection basically includes an additional collection of all the benefits you get with skies 1.

Trees and Overhangs: The trees and overhangs is a collection of 150 ornamental, denuded, exotic and foliated tree cutouts that help you form overhangs to hide the flaws or add an artistic frame to your work.

Birds and animals: This collection is basically a mix of a little bit of everything. So, from ranch fences and horses to farm animals, everything goes.

A few examples of before & after images


If you have a flair for the dramatics and like to give your work a little more than just the usual, you’ll need a reliable set of photo enhancing tools for the job.

Luckily for you, the Master Collection of 900 elements provides you with infinite possibilities to transform your craft completely using easy to use elements that you’ll love.

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