A Guide To Understand The Importance Of Being GDPR Compliant

As a business owner or website owner, being compliant with data protection and privacy is very key. It goes a long way to determining the success of your business. GDPR compliance is very key in the business world.

Being conversant with the Global Data Protection Regulations is an important factor that all businesses must pay attention to. This aspect of the business is not a one-off thing as the approach is always on-going and fundamental.

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As a business, you have to generate a level of trust from your clients pertaining to the data they share with you. A lot of scandals was generated with the latest Facebook scandal and this has led to many changes in the Global Data Protection Regulation all over the world, the latest being on May 23rd, 2018.

GDPR seeks to improve and increase the rights of individuals who share their data with websites and organization and thus puts more responsibility on these websites and organizations. There are many benefits of being GDPR compliant but before we go into all that, let us get to understand what it really is.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regularization.

It is a regularization that was made to protect the collection, storage, and sharing or transfer of data belonging to EU citizens. By so doing, this regularization improves the transparency by which businesses and organizations manage the personal information of their clients.

Hence a company or business that understands and respects the needs of its client. This guide seeks to help you to know the importance of being GDPR compliant as well as how you can effectively reap the benefits of having a good GDPR strategy. You will also have the added advantage of getting to know about a GDPR resource that will work very fine for you.

If you are trying to work out the best GDPR compliance strategies to adopt, it is best to stick to your organization’s way of doing things rather than trying so hard to follow a particular template. Develop a GDPR compliance strategy that works well with your business’ scenario and processes.

Follow this guide as a general standard, but learn to work within the structure of your organization and which is workable with your business.

So Let Us Begin:

1. Get Conversant with the Main Concepts and Articles about GDPR:

Achieving a great level of GDPR compliance goes beyond fixing your website. You have to make it a part of your whole organization. Offices that deal with client data should be made aware of the need to achieve GDPR compliance and make it a priority. It should not be left to a single person as both technical and legal implementations will be required.

Hence your whole team must be involved. Get yourself acquainted with all the key terms and languages of GDPR. Download resources and articles that relate to the topic so as to have a better understanding of the laws and terms involved.

2. How to Ensure Effective GDPR Compliance:

To be adequately prepared for GDPR, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Data Mapping: This deals with the way by which data moves in your organization. It is very good to document the information flow pattern of your business so as to ensure a great level of GDPR compliance. This data mapping helps in the regulation of key areas that cause you problems in your bid to ensure GDPR compliance.
  2. Privacy Policy: Your current privacy policy should be reviewed and updated properly if need be. Your team should always be on board with the legal basis for data processing, retention period and customer rights. The information that you provide should also be in the clear, concise and understandable language.
  3. Training: Your staff should all understand the importance of GDPR and if need be, they should be trained adequately on the basis and principles of the GDPR and the procedures involved in its implementation and compliance.

3. What Next?

Data controllers should always be in constant communication and cooperation with the statutory body or supervisory authority as regards the fulfillment of their tasks. Hence, regular audits of data processing activities and security controls should be scheduled. Records of personal data processing must always be kept up to date so as to ensure proof of content.

Also, ensure that you are up to date and are following up on the recent changes and new features that may be used by other vendors or your competitors so as to stay ahead of the competition and also keep to best practices. Also, ensure that any form of a security breach is reported.

Your procedures should be done in a way that there is an easy detection of such data breaches and once they are found, they should be appropriately reported and investigated. Always remember that GDPR is a continuous process and hence requires unrelenting effort.

You have to ensure that you have the best operational policies, procedures, and processes at all times so as not to fall short of Global Data Protection regulations.

4. Website Adjustments to take note of:

A lot of controversies and uncertainties surround this aspect of GDPR compliance for developers and marketers. However, most of the time, adjusting forms and getting cookies consent fixes the issues.

  1. Opt-in Forms: with these forms, businesses gather information. It has to be adjusted as it is the standard way of getting information.
  2. Cookies Consent: It is a good practice to inform visitors to your website about your cookies and the purpose for which they are created. Get your cookies consent very straight up so as to avoid issues.

5. Transfer and Disclosure of Data:

Always ensure that your data processors seek your approval before they transfer your data outside the EU/EEA. With the GDPR, there is Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) which is mandatory for organizations which are involved in high-risk data processing.

There is also a provision of Legitimate Interests Assessment (LIA) which is a best practice developed mainly by privacy specialists and refers to all situations when data controllers wish to rely on legitimate interests. Your organization may also be required to have a designated Data Protection Officer.

If your organization is a public authority or deals with regular and systematic data monitoring on a large scale, then the Global Data Protection Regularization will require that you have a Data Protection Officer. You also have to ensure that you have a policy that protects the data of children.

Your system should be flexible in such a way that the individual ages of each child are verified and consent is gathered from the guardian. With the GDPR, provision is made specifically for children under 16 years.

6. Monitor and Audit Your Data Protection Policy:

It is now a law that organizations should be transparent about their data collection, usage, and protection. Hence, there should be a defined method by which they do these. Hence, data should not be unlawfully shared or used for any unrelated purpose. Organizations should ensure that they do all they can to protect the data of their clients from harm or theft.



With GDPR, your organization tends to gain the following benefits:

  • An improved business reputation
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Improvement in data accuracy
  • Organizations will be required to train their staff on data protection, ensuring greater data protection awareness and safety.
  • It also ensures greater global data safety.



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It also gives the following benefits and much more:

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3. Full Customization: The app gives you the ability to edit and customize all the content inside to suit your design and requirements.

4. Data Request System: The GDPRpop app allows you to give your website users the ability to request for all the data that you have of them. This is also a part of GDPR compliance requirements and with this app, you are able to meet this requirement and other requirements.

5. Data Deletion Request System: The app has an automated data deletion request system that your site uses to delete any information that you have of them.

6. Cloud Hosted: With the app, you don’t need to download anything. You only need to log in, create what you wish, add basic information and save. Then you copy the one line of code and paste on the site you wish to make compliant and that is it. Easy!

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10. Consent Logging: The app makes it easy for you to assess and consent to stored data. It makes this part of GDPR compliance very easy for you.

Be GDPR compliant today.!!!

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